Računalo stolica sokoltec zk1304

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kn628.37 kn1 047.29
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  • Zajedničko Korištenje: Poslovni Namještaj
  • S Kotačićima: DA
  • Vrsta: Uredski Namještaj
  • Stil: Rotirajuća Stolica
  • Broj Modela: ZK1304
  • Podrijetlo: CN(porijeklo)
  • Materijal: Sintetička Koža
  • Je Okretanje: DA
  • S Rukohvate: DA
  • Presavijeni: No
  • Visina Naslona: <125mm->800мм
  • brend: SOKOLTEC
  • Posebne Namjene: Uredske Stolice

Chirva 18
I'm certainly delighted with the delivery, very fast delivery to Sakhalin, I did not expect, the courier delivered to the house and even to the apartment, I was very surprised, the assembly is very simple, I even collected it myself. Many thanks for the fast delivery and intact goods.
Zyakin 99
The seller sent the goods with marriage, torn seat upholstery, replace refused, recalling the lack of goods in stock without marriage, the cost of reverse shipment of this size product is 25-30% of the value of the goods and the seller realizes this therefore elected this the channel of sales for the sale of defective goods. The replacement cost of the plating also did not refund. I do not advise this seller. The seller has sent a defective item. The seat upholstery is damaged. The seller refused to replace the product because there is no product in stock without defects. The return shipment of such oversized goods is 25-30% of the value of the goods and the seller is aware of this, therefore he chose this sales channel to sell the defective goods. The seller did not refund the cost of replacing the skin. I do not recommend this seller.
Hottab 96
Thank you very much, in general a good chair, but not without jambs, although minor. I would like to write about the delivery itself. I think you should change the transport company. First refused delivery, rough, just dropped the tube. As a result, they brought it another day, they did not say hello, they did not say anything, again they were rude and did not even say goodbye. The impression of course is terrible :) I put a chair 7,5/10

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